My name's Sam Woods, and if you're like me there's been times when you've needed a domain checker, bulk pinger, SERP scraper etc and had problems like...

You bought some Windows softare ages ago to do 1 specific SEO task, but it's broken, you can't find it, or it's dog slow to use.

You need to ping a big URL list, but all the free online tools keeping timing out and breaking on you. And those CAPTCHAs are a real pain.

You need to search for a domain name, but can never be sure if the free online service will be watching - and STEAL your domain before you get chance to buy it (yes, it's happened to me multiple times before)

You need to check which of your many Twitter accounts are still active, and get updated on how many tweets, followers etc they've got. You just want this info quick, right now, for a bulk list - but the online services don't help.

When you're trying to be get things done this stuff really slows you down. Plus isn't not very fun navigating tons of different tools :(

So today, I'm breathing a sigh of relief. Because I've fixed (at least 7 of) these problems.

Here's the dashboard of the new plugin I've created, called WP SEO HQ...

You'll be wondering exactly what each of these tools does, so let's dive in and get you up to speed...

#1 Bulk Pinger

#2 Domain Checker

#3 Keyword Finder

#4 Rank Checker

#5 SERP Scraper

#6 Text Spinner

#7 Twitter Checker

Get WP SEO HQ now for $47

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guarantee?
There is a moneyback guarantee of 30 days. Just shoot me an email and I'll send your money back.

Is there support?
Yes if there are any bugs or feature requests, shoot us an email at support@codexplugins.com

Will this work on shared hosting?
Provided it meets the minimum tech requirements, then yes. I've been testing it on a variety of hosts and it's running fine.

Is this plugin encoded with Ioncube?
Yes, I'm recently found it was necessary to encode the plugin to stop piracy. We're just a small team and if they get ripped off we won't be able to keep making them. If you haven't got Ioncube installed (or don't know) a quick email to your host and I've found most happy to setup it up for you.

Can I sell blogs with this plugin loaded?
You are allowed to use this plugin for personal use on 100 blogs, however when selling a blog, please remove the plugin.

How many domains can I install WPI on?
100 domains is the limit. But with this type of plugin, installing it on just 1 blog is enough to get full use from it.

Get WP SEO HQ now for only $47


I'm excited to add new features to this plugin, so make sure to let me know what you want in the members area.